A Discussion On The Benefits Of CBD Oil

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Benefits Of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol or CBD oil has become quite popular in recent times and if you’re not in the know, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Basically, CBD is created by extracting CBD or Cannabidiol from the Cannabis sativa plant and then mixing it with an oil like hemp seed or coconut oil. CBD oil has gained a lot of traction in the health world since it is capable of treating a wide range of ailments. We will now take a closer look at some of the potential benefits of using this oil.

Offers Pain Relief

Did you know that the marijuana plant has been used to treat pain from as far back as 2900 BC? Now, CBD oil can be used to treat chronic and moderate pain. The oil is typically topically applied under the tongue. Additionally, it is great for treating arthritis. There was a study conducted in 2015 on mice with arthritis and in only 4 days, there was huge reduction in pain and inflammation.

Manages Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Next, you can use CBD oil to reduce stress and anxiety by reducing the stress hormones that your body creates such as cortisol. CBD has been found to significantly reduce anxiety as well and all it takes is a small 400 mg dose to get relief. Additionally, CBD can help your brain to access greater levels of happy hormones such as serotonin and anandamide, which results in further stress reduction.

Benefits Of CBD Oil

Helps You To Sleep Better

Thirdly, you can use CBD oil to get a better night’s rest. It has been found that CBD oil actually promotes a higher quality of sleep and much deeper sleep overall. Also, since it naturally reduces stress and anxiety, these also support higher quality sleep.

Reduces The Symptoms Of Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is a terrible thing, but the symptoms and side effects of having cancer are extremely difficult. Some of these symptoms include frequent vomiting, pain, nausea etc. It has been found that CBD is quite effective when it comes to dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy, which leads to a higher number of cancer patients sticking with their treatment plan. Additionally, CBD itself also has anti-cancer properties and there were tests that show that CBD actually causes cell death in particular human cancer cells.

Reduces Acne

Unfortunately, acne is a very common issue that plagues about 9% of our population. There are many reasons why you may develop acne such as genetics, sebum overproduction, inflammation etc. CBD oil actually has anti-inflammatory effects and can help to reduce sebum production, which means it can be used to treat acne.

Improves Heart Health

Lastly, it has been found that CBD can reduce high blood pressure which decreases your risk of heart attack, metabolic syndrome, stroke etc.


To wrap things up, these are a couple of the benefits of CBD oil and how it can improve your life. So, if you suffer from any of the above issues, you should closely think about using CBD oil and talk to your doctor for further advice.

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